Thursday, April 15, 2010

March in Summary

Looking back, I can't remember why we were so insanely busy last month, but I know there are reasons I didn't find time to post anything. No idea what they were. Strange.

I do remember doing a play reading at the Jewel Box Theater in Poulsbo. We had three rehearsals (all in one week) followed by a one night only performance. Extremely fun! Six actors, six one-act plays, no costumes or set, minimal props, and a whole lot of laughter. All the scripts were written by David Ives. I love comedies.

The highlight of the month, for me, was definitely March 31, because it was my last day of work. Woo hoo! I gave my notice back in February, when we found out that we'd be transferring to Monterey CA for Steve to go to Naval Postgraduate School. The last few weeks of work were fun; lots of people came to say goodbye, and I realized just how many people I'm going to miss from this job. It's the longest I've held a position since college, and I've really enjoyed working with some amazing people. That being said, I love being unemployed!

For Steve, I think the highlight of the month has got to be his surprise 30th birthday party. Yup, that's right, he got a surprise party. And he was shocked. Perfect! So many of our friends and family were able to join us (although, stupid shift work on the boat limited the number of men who were able to come) and we partied all afternoon. I hired Mike's Amazing Cakes to make him a cake in the shape of an STi, because it's the car at the top of his wish list right now. Oh, no, wait, it's not on his wish list anymore, because I bought it for him! Didn't you know I'm in competition for a wife of the year award? He was more than surprised by that, because I've been telling him he can't have one. The look on his face made it all worth it.

Right! That's why I was so busy. That party and the car. Well. March was definitely a good month for us. The STi drives like a dream! Man I love that car.