Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blue Angels are Cooler than Thunderbirds

We've been living in Monterey for about six months (holy crap, has it seriously been that long?!) and really feel comfortable here. Proof of our conversion to the California lifestyle came in the form of a sunburn...or lack thereof.My parents came for a visit over Mom's birthday, so the hubby and I took them on an overnight trip to San Francisco. It's been chilly lately (and by chilly, I mean the 50's or 60's, how crazy is that?) so not only did I tell my folks that they should bring sweaters, I also didn't think they'd need sunscreen. A few hours on the harbor and a lot of walking on day one meant shopping for sunscreen on day two. Not for me, though. Oh, no. My skin is apparently California-ized, and less susceptible to sunburn. Woo hoo! Bummer for the parentals, though...they were both a bit red.

While we were in the city, it was Fleet Week! It just so happened that we were on Alcatraz during the air show, so we got to experience the magic of the USN Blue Angels. They were amazing! Also, free. Win! They literally flew right over our heads and we were able to get some amazing pictures.

After enjoying the city, we got down to business and started enjoying the wine. Ah, wine. Have I mentioned I drink reds now? Indeed. I couldn't pass up all the tastings, and clearly, red wine is an acquired taste. I have acquired it. Mmm yummy.

We've had so much fun showing our families our new home, and we are proud to be Californians. With Oregon licenses. :-)

Enjoying wine in Carmel

Steve wants to be a photographer when he graduates from the Navy.


Go subs. :-)

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  1. You guys are such cool Californians now:) I can't wait to see you soon!!!!